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Have I ever said how much I looove the Nashville Film Festival? Well I do. I ❤ it with a passion. Why? Because I get to see films like “Vampire Girl Vs. Frankenstein Girl.” Y’all, this film is bloody good fun. Outrageously funny. Wacky. Ridiculous. Gory. All with a kicky little soundtrack. Here’s the trailer:


The soundtrack reminds me of that old TV show “Laugh In” for some reason. Not sure why. Anyway, if you can, see this film. You will be very very entertained. And, as the announcer told us before viewing, “You are not fucking ready for this film.” Srsly.


Came across a quite few things on the net this week that piqued my interest. I love it when literature and pop culture mash up. I love the psychological perspective too. I just read a blog that lists the Top 20 (unfortunate) lessons girls learn from the Twilight series, and I’ve gotta say, it is dead on. There is a distinction between attraction to the ‘bad boy’ and the boy who wants to kill you. The psychology of attraction is evident in this post, just as it is evident that a teenage girl’s idea of what is romance (or love, for that matter) is heavily skewed.  This link will link you to the blog post:

I’ve not read the Twilight series, nor have I seen the films.  The reviews and previews I’ve read/seen have given me all the indication I need to avoid them both.  Obviously, this series is fantasy, but when it comes to love/romance, are teens emotionally mature enough to realize that when someone threatens your life it is not actually romantic and does not mean the boy will love you forever?  I can hear it now: “He treats me badly but I know he loves me.”  Ugh.

Someone told me that the writing was poor in the Twilight series, and that someone else they knew conducted an interesting experiment:  a page of Twilight was compared to a page from Harry Potter.  The result of this was that the reader claimed that HP was written so much better.  I have my doubts.  I read the first HP book and was done.  I’m thinking of conducting this experiment myself, just to see if the writing is comparable.

Also found this article on The New Yorker, thought it was a nice mix of canon lit and current affairs:  Blake’s Tyger Tyger used to comment on the Tiger affair.  What I really liked is the idea of Tiger as both lion and lamb.

Also saw this blog on Twitter, depicting Sarah Palin as Superhero “Blunder Woman”:

Finally, my favorite internet/twitter find of the week:  A grammar worksheet from a David Foster Wallace class.  Yes I took the quiz.  And it was fucking hard.  DFW was a brilliant writer, and I’m bloody jealous of those who attended classes he taught.  DFW and Nabokov are two writers that I would put first and foremost on my fantasy ‘dinner party’ list.  The conversation that this post generated was fantastic, if you’re a grammar nerd like me:

And–a word about what I’m reading this week.  Still trying to finish “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,”  which, while I find it highly entertaining, could use a better editor.  Seems there wouldn’t be so many errors, as the book was pretty much perfect to start with!  And I’ve heard the book is being made into a movie/mini series.  Not sure what to make of that.

Also ordered “The Original of Laura” by Nabokov this week.  Have read just a few pages so far, so not much to comment on.  I do love the idea of having a peek inside his writing process, though I feel a modicum of shame as I know he wanted the notes destroyed.  But it’s Nabokov!  I could not resist.

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