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Let’s just stop the charade, folks.  We all talk about how the holidays are for family and religion and etc., but I think it’s time to just admit it:  Christmas isn’t for Christ, it’s for money.  Period.

Black Friday proves it:  you’ve got shoppers whipped into such a frenzy over the prospect of getting some coveted gift that they are pepper spraying each other.  Shooting each other.  Fighting each other.

I can’t imagine any gift, any item, on the market right now that I’d hurt someone to get my hands on.  Maybe my priorities are just in the wrong place.

I’ll shop for Christmas presents, but I won’t be caught up in the crass consumerism we’ve got going on now.  I’ll shop local businesses and buy as many locally made gifts as I can.

To sum up:  Fuck Black Friday.  Avoid the mobs at the mall.  Let big corporations worry about being ‘in the black’ without your support.

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