Sure, a nail polish that changes color when exposed to certain drugs is pretty cool.  But, there are some issues with this.  I’m sure the creators weren’t trying to cover all women when they invented this:  it seems this is useful mainly for women in public who want to test their beverage for date rape drugs.  However, not all women use nail polish, and not all women are drugged at bars.  

According to RAINN, about 2/3 of victims know their assaulter.  Which means it could be someone they trust, someone they know.  Which means they are less likely to worry about a drink being tampered with, in public or in private.  Furthermore, if a woman went on a date and used the nail polish, how would she discern who actually tampered with her drink?  I say this because there have been incidences in Nashville which involved someone going to different bars and randomly contaminating drinks.  How can you know if it was your date, your bartender, or some random prankster getting off on drugging random folks? 

Those are just the practical issues.  There’s also the more deep-seated and disturbing thought that once again, women need to protect themselves.  Women have been told to avoid rape by changing their clothing styles (nothing  revealing!), change their habits by not going out at night alone.  They are told to travel in groups, not wear suggestive makeup or clothing, and to avoid drinking too much.  Once again women are being told to restrict what they do, while men are told nothing.  

Nail polish isn’t empowering and it’s not going to stop the epidemic of rape in America.  It’s not reassuring, it’s insulting.  It’s time to start focusing on the perpetrators, not the victims. 


(Note:  I Twittered about this and a male who wears nail polish said we should teach women to stop raping as well.  The stats I’ve seen show that most rapists are male.  However, this doesn’t take into account the number of unreported rapes. I suggested a nail polish for men too.)