New Year’s slogans abound in January:  New Year, New You!  being the most common.  The New Year is just a marker; you can resolve to start or quit anything on any day of the year.  But in our culture, January 1st is the day of reckoning.  Resolve to quit smoking, lose weight, etc etc.

I’ll admit it:  I have goals for each new year.  Goals I want to accomplish in the coming months.  Deadlines I set for myself.  I set my sights on goals I know I can reach within 12 months; I work very hard not to set myself up for failure.  I know I won’t accomplish all my goals on January 1st; I might not even begin work on January 1st.  But you can bet I will be thinking long and hard about how to set things in motion.  Planning and scheming are just the beginning.

The word resolution kind of bothers me.  Resolution is all about purpose and intent;  it’s about your resolve to do something.  Not the act of doing something, but the intent to do something.  What’s that saying about the road to hell?  It’s all fine and well to have good intentions, but what about actions?  What about actually making those changes you go on & on about resolving?

So.  My word for the year is Revolution.  One definition of Revolution is ‘a sudden and marked change.’   This requires action, not just determination.

Make the change. Join the Revolution.