This has been a rough week.  On Monday, my cat Walker was found under the neighbor’s outdoor porch.  He had been missing for over a week.  Although there are really no words to express how I feel, here is a short post about Walker.

Walker lived up to his name:  quite often, he would disappear for days, leaving me to wonder & worry while walking the neighborhood, searching for him.  Several times he was found trapped in a neighbor’s basement, his little face peeking through the basement window.  He quit this habit a few years ago, when construction next to the house began & kept him away.  He hadn’t left home for more than a day in several years.

A lot of changes have taken place in the last month, and maybe Walker wasn’t adjusting well.  A new person, one familiar to Walker, has moved in, along with new furniture and two new fish.  We don’t know exactly what happened to Walker, but it seems as though he may have been injured, and crawled under the porch to die.  Thankfully, someone very close to me took care of identifying and burying him.  It tears at my heart to think that while I was searching for him, he was just a few feet away from me.

I knew he wouldn’t leave home without a good reason.  I knew this because any time I walked over to the neighboring apartments, he followed me, each and every time.  If I went to anyone else’s apartment he would follow me and come to the door, demanding to be let in.   Walker has been in almost every apartment or house in this neighborhood, and was welcomed by all.

My favorite thing, though, was taking Walker on walks.  He would only follow me down certain roads:  he would never cross the main road next to the building.  When I took walks down to the park, he would go as far as the little hill next to our building, then watch me as I walked down the hill into the park.  No matter how long I was gone, I knew that I would find him in that same spot, waiting for me to return.

It’s been a hard week.  Zoe, my oldest cat, has been deeply depressed and has climbed into my lap many times this week.  Zoe and Walker shared 8 years together.  He will be missed– by me, Zoe, and the entire neighborhood.