While I am still marching through Infinite Jest, I have just stumbled upon a bunch of free books, thanks to luck and some awesome friends & acquaintances on Twitter.  My summer reading list just got about ten times more awesome.

As an aside, to all of you doubters of the power of Twitter, let me just say this:  via Twitter I have met folks who have published me, I’ve spoken to very well-known and well-loved authors, and obtained free books. Not to mention the fact that Twitter text is now being archived by the Library of Congress.  Twitter is a giant conversation, one I’m very happy to be part of.

A few weeks ago, as I was planning a weekend beach getaway, I asked for some book recommendations (of which there were many).  A certain writer who goes by the name of Chelsea G. Summers  (@chelseagsummers on Twitter) offered to send me her extra copy of  Stephen Elliott’s The Adderall Diaries.  Just days later I received the hardcover book in the mail. Not only was I thrilled at the generosity of Ms. Summers, but so excited to read this book!

And then, this week– just yesterday, actually, I entered a contest given by author Mary Karr (@marykarrlit).  Author of The Liar’s Club and Lit:  A Memoir.  The contest was tweet her with best first/last lines of novels.  There were 8 winners including me, who will all receive signed copies of Lit and her book of poetry Sinners Welcome. Win!  Again!

Just then, my dear friend M (@mwine122) tweeted me that due to a major fuck-up at a certain online bookseller, she would have extras of her recent book order.  Included are Anne Carson, Katherine Dunn and Martin Amis.  Major win!  My friend has impeccable taste in books and every recommendation she’s given me has been a treat.

Actually, the first/last line contest I won was because of my friend M:  she recommended Ondaatje’s novel Coming Through Slaughter to me years ago, and I loved it.  It was one of those books that changed my life.  The last line?

“There are no prizes.”