A knock on the door on New Year’s Eve revealed my neighbor Molly and a friend:  come sojourn with us to Springwater, she invited.

We traipsed down to the nearest liquor store on West End for petite bottles of bubbly.  We took the side streets over to the Springwater, proudly deemed the biggest dive bar in N/V.

Springwater was packed and hazy; the inhabitants were sparkly and tattooed.  A five-dollar cover and a Sharpie S gained us admittance.  We passed the last hour of 2009 sitting on a bench near the one pool table, dodging shots and witnessing the motley crowd drink their way into the new decade.

The walk home was brutally cold; we consoled ourselves with warm champagne and  laughter.  Fireworks exploded as we got closer to home.

I came home smoky, thirsty.  Alive.

[please see yelp reviews of Springwater for the hilarious attempts to characterize this beloved bar:  http://www.yelp.com/biz/springwater-nashville%5D