When I think of the ’00’s, I think of something a friend once said:  Why be with the hero when you can be with the double zero? No, I shouldn’t say bad things about the ’00’s, they weren’t all bad.

In fact, this decade brought me a whole slew of firsts.  Euphoric highs, and new lows.  Also, and most importantly, a feeling of accomplishment.  Goals were met.  I made things happen.  Not that my life (or any life) is made up of just those things, but some things do stand as landmarks on the map of my life.  So here’s my list, in no particular order:

Finished grad school.  Earned an MA in English/writing.

Wrote a memoir! Took several years, but well worth it.

Fell in love for the first time (I’m a late bloomer..).

Got engaged and was stood up for my wedding.  Gah!

Volunteered for the first time in my life.

Bought my first sex toy (did I mention Very Late Bloomer?).

Got pregnant (and had subsequent miscarriage).

Got first nephew and niece.  Thanks, little sister!

Attended first presidential inauguration.  Witnessed first black president being sworn in. Thanks Marjorie for putting me and ex up for a few days!

I could go on.  There were of course the gains and losses everyone suffers:  deaths, births, other losses.  I’ve gained and lost friends, family members, etc. I’ve read books that changed my life and changed me as a writer. I have a list of books from the decade that I will hopefully write more on later.

This decade has been witness to some wonderful and tragic things.  I won’t go into any of that; I am not the person to write of historical events.  We all have a personal and public history; we also have a need to document that history, to write it down.  To keep record.  This is just a short list of highlights from my history; but, as with any list, I’m sure I’ve left something out.